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Grid Down Water Usage Solutions

When it comes to grid down, one of the things you need to consider is your water supply.  Monitoring your water is crucial at a time like this. There are many uses for this precious commodity you will need to consider. There is drinking and  cooking but most nobody ever thinks of bathing and use of a toilet. But, we have your solution!

Some areas and states also have water usage regulations due to weather and climate changes. Water sources dry up causing water restrictions. These two products will become such an asset during these times.

POTTYMISER for your toilet

The POTTYMISER is attached at the base of the water coming into the bathroom. It will control the water usage by a push of a button. This handy device is also great for water usage bills. No water is wasted during a malfunction of the toilet. If you have a leaky toilet or a ball and chain hook up problem, this POTTYMISER will not allow anymore water to be going down the drain!

Leaving town during the cold months? many folks are snow birds. That is, they head to warmer climates such as Florida for the winter. If your home gets too cold and water freezes, the POTTYMISER protects your “john” from having water crack the bowl and tank.

SHOWERWIZARD for the shower

The SHOWERWIZARD is quite unique. This handy dandy device only allows water to flow for 7 minutes. It will flash green when in use and then another color with a warning light that you have just 1 more minute to finish your shower. Many people will lolly-gag while showering causing water waste. With this, you get in and get the job done. This will drastically save you money on your water bill!

It has been known that some people waste a landlords water using it along with a fan to cool the home down in hot weather months. Some call it a swamp cooler. Does it work? Yes. Does it waster water? YES! With a timer on it so that no more water can flow, the landlord is saving money. You will need to just break down and go buy an air conditioner like the rest of us!


Grid Down

So  when you have to  grid down, these two inventions will surely come in handy when controlling your water usage! They can both be purchased via my website and visit my Facebook page for more info. These are also  a functionally water control for everyday use. Landlords should try one out and see all the savings they acquire!



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