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7 Leaking Toilet Causes Wasting Money!

Many of us have to deal with a leaking toilet at some point. It is one of those household problems that cannot be left unattended for long. Detecting the cause of leakage can be somewhat of a challenge. Quite often, you’ll do some repair only to find that the leakage recurs. It helps if you have some idea of the common causes of the leakage. This will help you troubleshoot more effectively and undertake necessary repairs whenever you spot a leakage. As a result, we have invented the POTTYMISER so you can…

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How Much Does a Running Toilet Cost?

People love the sound of running water. Be it babbling brooks, cascading waterfalls, or ocean waves, most of us feel relaxed in the presence of running water. With that said, there is one running water experience most of us find anything but relaxing— the sound of running toilet water. Why the running toilet doesn’t provide the same soothing effect, one can not be too sure. Maybe it has something to do with the awareness of our money literally being flushed down the toilet! Depending on the size of the leak…

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