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Water Conservation: Shower & Toilet

Water conservation is on the rise like never before. We are using up our supply off freshwater!  1994 was the year that federally mandated low-flow showerheads, faucets, and toilets started to appear on the scene in significant numbers. How can you conform to the standards and help increase energy efficiency in your home? By using our POTTYMISER for your toilet and our SHOWERWIZARD for your tub shower head. These regulate the water consumption very easily and with just a push of the button!  How can you conform to the standards and help…

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Save Money: SHOWERWIZARD’s 7 Minute Shower

Everybody wants to save money.  There are many ways to do so but you can start to save money at home right now with the SHOWERWIZARD! Did you know the average shower in America is 8 minutes long? The EPA estimates that the standard shower heads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. That’s 20 gallons of water for the average shower! Try shaving just one or two  minutes off your shower to help reduce your water footprint. Delivering, treating, and heating the hot water for your shower is also extremely energy…

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